Mine Reclamation & Tailing Site Cleanup

Reclamation & Cleanup of Abandon Mining Sites
Removal & Cleanup of Tailing Piles or Contaminated Mining Sites
Stream Restoration combined with Enhancement of Fish & Wildlife Habitat

Green Valley’s Mine Reclamation & Restoration Processes Focus on:
     1. Do No Harm – Clean & Safe Processes to Restore & Protect Natural Resources
     2. Removing Contaminates (Mercury, Arsenic, Lead, Antimony, Cadmium, etc.)
     3. Restoration of Creeks, Streams, Lakes, Rivers & Our Natural Resources
     4. Enhancement, Restoration & Creation of Fish & Wildlife Habitats
     5. Development & Construction of Nature Trails, Parks, Wildlife Habitat
     6. Restoration of Historical Towns & Western Heritage Sites

Abandoned mine tailings sites are a worldwide problem, with thousands of exposed and barren tailing piles presenting a source of contamination for nearby communities. Mine tailing disposal sites in arid and semiarid environments are especially subject to toxin dispersion, contamination of natural resources and soil erosion. Removal of metal and chemical contaminates using modern technology is a feasible alternative to costly remediation practices. In addition, reclaimed mining sites can be rehabilitated for enhancement of fish and wildlife habitat. Some sites can also be rehabilitated to maintain historical western settlements, Native American historical sites and preservation of our diverse heritage for future generations. Reclaimed sites are further stabilized using vegetation, wetland habitat, park buffers and other natural solutions for promoting erosion control and assure stability of the reclaimed mine sites for protection and future enjoyment of our natural resources.

Green Valley works with Land Owners, Public Agencies and Environmental Groups to provide reliable, practical and advanced reclamation plans. Green Valley partners with concerned citizens, agencies, communities, environmental groups, land owners, contractors and qualified professionals to deliver the expertise, personnel and equipment necessary for completing projects to the client’s satisfaction. Green Valley Mine Reclamation has engineers and bio-chemists who work with the public, local communities, agencies, environmental groups and others concerned about natural resources to (1) assess and investigate mining sites; (2) develop plans to remove toxins, recover metals and restore damaged sites; (3) provide the resources and expertise to implement the plan; (4) finalize a site’s restoration and habitat enhancement; (5) partner with private sources to fund the cleanup and (6) restore the property to its original condition.