Clean Technology for Extracting Precious Metals

Setup, Layout & Design of Environmentally Clean Metal Recovery Facilities Enhanced Precious Metal Recovery – Using Clean Extraction Processes

We assist Clients in developing innovative alternatives for enhancing mineral and precious metals extraction that focuses on non-toxic and environmentally clean recovery methods. Part of our methods focus on both the mechanical equipment used for processing a specific material and also adjusting the physical properties during the separation processes. Our goal is to improve recovery, without compromising in environmental protection or in a Client's required deliverables.

Our focus is on enhancing the extraction of the key minerals located within a mining area deposit or the minerals contained in the extracted concentrate. Although extraction processes have similarities, each material has variations and unique requirements that are keys to maximizing the precious metals recovery. Our technical and design teams are dedicated to providing professional and exceptional services that meet or exceed the parameters and requirements of all projects, and completing our work quickly, safely and in a manner that leaves everyone satisfied and assured the project was executed and performed at the highest level of implementation.