Existing Mine Operation Cleanup,
Enhancement & Recovery Improvement

Setup, Layout & Design of Clean Mining & Processing Facilities
Enhanced Precious Metal Recovery – Using Clean Extraction Processes
Existing Mine Operation Cleanup, Enhancement & Recovery Improvement
Reclamation, Cleanup, Habitat Restoration & Removal of Mine or Tailing Sites

Our Goals for Recovery Enhancement & Cleanup of Existing Mine Operations

1. Perform all work at the highest level of quality, using advanced technology to remove contaminates, and deliver exceptional performance from every member of the mine reclamation and habitat enhancement team.

2. Natural resource clean-up is our primary objective. We purpose to exceed our goals with public satisfaction and support as a priority - resulting in cleaner, safer, healthier ecosystems for this and future generations.

3. To focus on safety, protection of natural resources, removing contaminates and attention to details.

4. To maintain the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness in all relationships.

5. To continually develop and improve our ability to foresee problems, concerns and environmental protection issues that may arise, and to work with all stakeholders to correct any potential issues before they become problems.

Green Valley Gold works with existing mine owners, operators, regulators and other stakeholders to apply the proper technologies and modifications that are tailored to the project's specific needs.