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    Phil Martinson's background includes:

    • BS Degree in Civil Engineering
    • MS Degree in Civil Engineering (Mathematics, Structures, Energy)
    • BS Degree in Chemistry - Biochemistry Option
    • Professional Engineer (PE) in Oregon and Washington
    • Certification in Project Management (PMP)
    • Design-Build Professional (DBIA)
    • Construction Documents Technologist (CDT)
    • Alternative Energy Resources - Development & Design
    • Innovative Teaching, Training, Seminars & Education

The president of Green Valley Gold Corporation, Phil Martinson, has degrees in Civil and Structural Engineering, Biochemistry and Oriental Medicine. As a result of his personal experience with mercury toxicity, caused by mercury exposure and an “Unhealthy Body Terrain”, he experienced serious, near-death symptoms that lasted four years.

Through a series of miraculous events, he discovered the cause, developed a plan to correct the imbalances and totally recovered. This triggered his interest in alternative health, bio-chemistry, toxicology and understanding “Health Terrains” in both the body and the environment. It also motivated him to pursue studies in Oriental Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine, Alternative Health, Toxicology, mineral balancing, pH balance, “Interfering Elements”, Bio-Chemistry and environmental cleanup. He completed degrees in Oriental Medicine and Bio-Chemistry and went on to operate an alternative Health Clinic, which focused on innovative, natural and alternative health therapies for "Environmental Illnesses".

“Healthy Terrain” than most other causative factors. The focus in achieving a 'Healthy Terrain" is the removal of Toxins, elimination of “Interfering Elements”, proper pH levels, infusion of trace minerals, bio-energy enhancement and working with other living process factors. Both the human body and the environment can be described as having a “Terrain”. A balanced terrain typically has (1) minimal or no toxins, (2) minimal or no “Interfering Elements”, (3) proper mineral balance, (4) a proper pH balance, (5) a healthy microorganism mixture and (6) site specific "ideally balanced" parameters.