Technical Support for Clean Mining Methods

Setup, Layout & Design of Clean Mining & Processing Facilities
Enhanced Precious Metal Recovery – Using Clean Extraction Processes
Existing Mine Operation Cleanup, Enhancement & Recovery Improvement
Reclamation, Cleanup, Habitat Restoration & Removal of Mine or Tailing Sites

Hazardous and toxic mining methods have been used for years – resulting in damage to both the environment and the health of people working in or near the mining operations. Although damage was typically done through a combination of ignorance, denial and greed, the results to compromised personal health and harm to the environment was, and is, real and serious.

Fortunately there are clean technical solutions for (1) cleaning up contaminated mine sites, (2) enhancing and improving damaged eco-systems, (3) applying non-toxic and environmentally safe methods for extraction of metals, (4) setting up new mining operations that are safe and clean, (5) using clean technologies that remove hazardous materials from current mining operations (6) improve the metal recovery and (7) leave the mined areas in a clean or environmentally enhanced state. In addition, advances in detoxification of the body have provided alternative solutions and hope for lives affected by toxic exposure to mining contaminates and to compromised eco-systems.

A clean environment is described as having a “Healthy Terrain”. A balanced terrain typically has (1) minimal or no toxins, (2) minimal or no “Interfering Elements”, (3) proper mineral balance, (4) a proper pH balance, (5) a healthy microorganism mixture and (6) site specific "ideally balanced" parameters. To promote a clean environment and “Healthy Terrain”; it is necessary to remove Toxins, eliminate “Interfering Elements”, promote proper pH levels, infuse trace minerals into the soils, enhancement of the natural plants and wildlife; and working with other living ego system process factors unique to a site.

New technologies and advances in science have provided alternative remedies and solutions to environmental health. The biggest obstacle to clean and healthy mining operations is not the lack of technology to implement them, but addressing outdated paradigms of mining operations - including established practices, political pressures, fear of new methods, following old habits and adherence to conventional procedures.